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Monarch Butterfly Project  
Content Areas  
  bullet Language Arts: Students will keep a journal and chart the growth of the caterpillars, writing about changes they see from day to day. Upon releasing the butterflies, we will be writing a letter to a student in Mexico to inform them when we released our Monarchs and what we did in our classroom. We will be asking questions of what it is like when the Monarchs migrate and inquire about when they see them leave in the Spring.  
  bullet Math: We will be making a prediction on the amount of time the Monarchs will spend in each phase, along with calculating the number of days that they will be a caterpillar and how many days they will be in their chrysalises. Also, we will be measuring the length of the caterpillars to the nearest 1/4 inch.  
  bullet Reading: Begin research on Monarchs using books in the classroom and also web pages (see page of possible Helpful Links). Teacher will also help students by reading and providing information in class.  
  bullet Science: We will be studying the different parts of a butterfly as well as the lifecycle of Monarchs/metamorphosis. (see Parts of a Monarch Butterfly worksheet) We will concentrate on what occurs at each stage and what students will be responsible for while raising caterpillars; such as the food they eat and the importance of it. Also, we will be watching and observing the process to know when it is time for release.  



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